Anagram Finder


Write a function which finds all the anagrams in a vector of words. A word x is an anagram of word y if all the letters in x can be rearranged in a different order to form y. Your function should return a set of sets, where each sub-set is a group of words which are anagrams of each other. Each sub-set should have at least two words. Words without any anagrams should not be included in the result.
test not run
(= (__ ["meat" "mat" "team" "mate" "eat"])
   #{#{"meat" "team" "mate"}})
test not run
(= (__ ["veer" "lake" "item" "kale" "mite" "ever"])
   #{#{"veer" "ever"} #{"lake" "kale"} #{"mite" "item"}})

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