Recognize Playing Cards

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A standard American deck of playing cards has four suits - spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs - and thirteen cards in each suit. Two is the lowest rank, followed by other integers up to ten; then the jack, queen, king, and ace.

It's convenient for humans to represent these cards as suit/rank pairs, such as H5 or DQ: the heart five and diamond queen respectively. But these forms are not convenient for programmers, so to write a card game you need some way to parse an input string into meaningful components. For purposes of determining rank, we will define the cards to be valued from 0 (the two) to 12 (the ace)

Write a function which converts (for example) the string "SJ" into a map of {:suit :spade, :rank 9}. A ten will always be represented with the single character "T", rather than the two characters "10".

test not run
(= {:suit :diamond :rank 10} (__ "DQ"))
test not run
(= {:suit :heart :rank 3} (__ "H5"))
test not run
(= {:suit :club :rank 12} (__ "CA"))
test not run
(= (range 13) (map (comp :rank __ str)
                   '[S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7
                     S8 S9 ST SJ SQ SK SA]))

Code which fills in the blank: